How it all began

      Dr. Arevalo is a chiropractor in Texas and began practice in 2006. From the beginning, Dr. Arevalo began  mixing different essential oils, pain relief gels and massage creams to use on his patients. The formulations made outstanding results. Dr. Arevalo felt that most of the pain products available for chiropractic clinics lacked the right formulation and consistency. Most of the pain creams would dry up and could not be massaged. The massage creams didn't decrease the pain, they just applied on easier. But most of all, Dr. Arevalo dedicated his discovery to developing the highest quality product to his patients. Dr. Arevalo contacted the largest producers of the pain products and made suggestions to their existing formulas. All of the companies he contacted did not think they had to improve their products and would not consider his recommendations. 

       When he told his patients what was doing, they all said, "Why don't you make your own formula Doc." So having the support of his patients and relying on his gut feeling, Dr. Arevalo began to work on his formula. Dr. Arevalo soon discovered that it was not easy at it sounded. Dr. Arevalo began to read books and articles on product development. He made hundreds of calls to laboratories looking to see who would listen to his idea. After two years of searching and learning about product development, Dr. Arevalo made contact with a laboratory who was willing to listen. After thousands of dollars in research and development, trial and error, and patience, the result was his first product, Sano Relief. The product was an instant hit. His product has been used by thousands of patients. 

   Now Dr. Arevalo wants to share the success of his product with other chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and business owners. Dr. Arevalo is licensing his product for private label use. Dr. Arevalo can now also formulate new products.