5 Reasons You Need Your Own Private Label Relief Cream

1. Branding


Do you sell topical analgesics or pain creams? Like most musculoskeletal practitioners, offering these products is a common adjunct to your services. When you sell a commercial product you are branding the company's image. Why not create your brand and sell your own Private Label Relief Cream.

2. Marketing


Do you have a business card? Do you have a Facebook page? Do you spend money on advertising? Having your own Private Label Relief Cream is a great way to market your services, with the added bonus of pain relief for your patients. A business card, a Facebook page, and a Google advertisement is static, while a Private Label Relief Cream is dynamic. Every time your patient puts on your Private Label Relief Cream, the sensation will remind your patient of the wonderful experience he or she had at your practice. Best for word of mouth marketing. 

3. Exclusivity


Having your own Private Label Relief Cream allows your product to only be purchased through you. This will also increase more patient visits. Selling other brands in your office only introduces the product to your patient and allows the patient to make their future purchases online or at a retail store. The results are lost revenue for your practice, missed appointments, and increased profit for the manufacturer of the product. 

4. For Your Practice


Relief Cream is the combination of a massage cream with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The ergonomic design of Your Private Label Relief Cream can be used with any soft tissue technique and it does not spill. And since Your Private Label Relief Cream is water based, it can also be used as a medium with ultrasound therapy.

5. Great Product


Above all you are in the musculoskeletal profession to help patients get out of pain and reduce their stress levels. Your Private Label Relief Cream is a wonderful product and your patients will be grateful.